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We are the Van Zandt's. We're a laid back, fun loving couple with a toddler and two crazy canines. Ashley is the visionary, Jacob is the tech master and Evelyn, our sweet babe, is our ever faithful cheerleader and inspiration. Together we make Ashley Jane Photography!

We believe in preserving history, in capturing raw moments to tell a story, and we believe in building lasting friendships.

Our Process

As Orlando wedding photographers, we want to tell the story of your wedding day from start to finish. We prefer to keep it genuine, and real, with a little bit of gentle direction here and there to craft your memories in a true to life yet artistic way. The best way for us to stay true to the vision of your wedding day is to get to know you as well as we can, which is one of our absolute favorite parts of the job. Your hobbies, your goals, how you met, how you came to be engaged, and all the things that bring you together. To show who you are in a way that you'll want to pass down for generations is our goal, and we are so excited to get to know you so we can do just that!

We'd love to have you by our studio sometime so we can have a cup of coffee or a beer and chat about you and the story you want to tell.
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- Harry Potter
- Mickey Mouse 
- Live music
- Broadway
- Road Trips
- Crime dramas
- Tattoos
- The color gray 


Hey, loves! I'm Ashley Jane! Wedding and boudoir photographer and, of course, momma to Evie and wifey to Jacob! I'm a city girl by choice and a country girl by heart. I grew up in the Midwest, on our family farm. I co-owned, with my dad and brother, a construction company for about 7 years and was just doing wedding photography on the side when I decided I needed a big change. That's when Jacob and I packed up and moved to Florida for a whole new adventure. Side perk....No snow!

When I'm not working, you can find me snuggling on the couch with my favorites and our pups Static and Nitro watching our current favorite Disney movie, drinking way too much coffee, visiting the mouse, reading one of the many books on my list, or riding our bikes around town to all of our fav breweries. I'm a tad art obsessed in all its forms, our home is like a mini art gallery.

I was inspired to learn photography by my grandfather, a landscape and fine art photographer. I always loved looking through all the old photos of my mom growing up and before I knew it I had a camera in my own hands documenting every part of our life. My favorite part about photography has always been about the story being told which is why I LOVE wedding days so much!

After all this time? - Albus Dumbledore Always. - Severus Snape


Hey there, I’m Jacob. A dad to whom I believe is the cutest little girl in all the land and two crazy canines and husband/padawan learner to my amazing and talented wife Ashley. I grew up in the country in central Ohio, Go Buckeyes!! I then lived in Colorado and Iowa before Ashley and I decided we’d had it with winter and moved somewhere without it. When I’m not working or chasing our youngin around the house you can generally find me nerding out in some form or fashion; reading, video games, models, etc. I’m fascinated by science as a whole, but most notably by “the deep and lovely dark” and physics, despite not comprehending much of what I read. And I handle the techie side of things around here, from the computers to the camera equipment, as well as the never-ending projects for our office/studio space. 

- Heavy Metal
- Whiskey & cigars
- Mountains
- Reading
- Lightsabers 
- Sonic screwdrivers
- Science 

10 Random Facts

- All three of us have two middle names...any guesses on what they are?

- On Jacob's first trip to Disney, at the age of 29, he bought a season pass.

- We collect Lego sets.

- Evie was due on our 1st anniversary but came 4 days later.

- All 3 of us are the first-born.

- Both of our's favorite Harry Potter character is Severus Snape.

- Ashley has 15 tattoos, Jacob only has 1 but wants more.

- Evie's current favorite movie is Peter Pan.

- Ashley is naturally a blonde.

- Jacob's favorite drink is Red Oak Beer brewed only in North Carolina and Ashley's is a Bloody Mary 

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