Feeling Comfortable With Your Boudoir Session

Talking about boudoir sessions can be tricky. I hear it all the time, “But I would just look silly, I don’t know how to be sexy.”  Whether the session is just for you or as a gift to your significant other, a boudoir shoot has everything to do with celebrating who you are. The only way you will look “silly” is if you don’t allow yourself to have fun! I want to share with you three of the most telling questions I have gotten about boudoir sessions:

How do you create a comfortable environment for your client?

I’ve found a few ways to help put my clients at ease.  First, I try to help out as much as possible before the session by helping to pick out the outfits, taking the time to get to know them, along with sharing tips to help make the best session possible.  Every session includes a professional hair and makeup styling, this gives the client an extra boost of confidence right from the start. Before we get started I make sure to fill the studio with their favorite music and hand them a glass of champagne, both really help with the butterflies!

How do you assure a client that each shot portrays confidence during the session?

I typically start with the outfit that I think they will feel the most comfortable in, this allows the client a chance to ease into the session. While in the first outfit I start to get a feel of what seems to feel the most natural for the client and note what poses and angles work well. I’m reassuring the client and talking them through poses throughout the whole session. Sometimes I will even share a photo or two off the back of camera so they see they are doing a great job.

How do you help them to unlock their sexiness?

I encourage them to be themselves… If they want to smile I suggest they smile, or laugh, or be sexy but most of all be confident with who they are right now!  Like I said, whether the session is for the client or for their significant other the point is to celebrate the client as they are and I want them to know that.

These questions are similar in root, how can an almost stranger become comfortable in front of the camera? The answer is relatively simple, embrace what feels good to you and the moments captured look natural. When you feel good you will look confident, guaranteed! For more boudoir session style inspirations our friends over at Adore Me have shared this handy little guide with us.  Check them out if you’re looking for the perfect lingerie to make you feel confident and sexy!

Hair + Makeup Artist: Karmel Designteam

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