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We are so excited to finally be doing a blog post all about boudoir! Ashley Jane Photography is an Orlando boudoir photographer that specializes in capturing raw honest moments in an artistic and elegant way. We pride ourselves in being one of the top boudoir photographers in the greater Orlando area, specifically located in the heart of historic Sanford. At AJP, we strive to accomplish a style that is artistic, tasteful, and intimate. We hope this blog post helps sway anyone on the edge of wanting to schedule a boudoir session but perhaps is a little shy to do it! It only takes a little courage on your end – and we’ll take care of the rest!


Model laying in white bed sheets shot by Orlando Boudoir Photographer

Black and white image of two empowering women in lace tulle skirts. Image taken at AJP Studios by Orlando Boudoir Photographer.Black and white photo of woman laying on wood floor. Photo taken at AJP Studios by Orlando Boudoir Photographer.

What is Boudoir?

Traditionally, boudoir can be defined as an intimate styled shoot brides do to give their future hubby something racy to remember! Typically the bride will wear bridal lingerie and bring anything else she would like to be shot in. While this is perhaps the most common reason people do boudoir shoots, we are getting more and more requests from women who just want to prove to themselves they can do it or even celebrate a milestone birthday! The poses are sensual and the intention is for you to feel sexy and confident! But now, boudoir can be defined as so much more.

Boudoir is quickly becoming more about the experience than just images! You’ll come into the feminine studio, drink some bubbly, listen to your favorite music and waltz around in your favorite lingerie with a professional photographer whose job is to make you look & feel like a million bucks. After some fun chit chat about outfits, poses, and hair & makeup you’ll immediately feel like one of the girls and forget that you’re in your knickers!

A boudoir shoot can either be in your best lingerie or honestly whatever makes you feel sexy. Our intention is always to produce fine art that you can look back at and feel what you are – beautiful!


Bride in white lingerie wearing veil sitting on a bed in front of a window. Shot taken at AJP Studios by Orlando Boudoir Photographer.White lingerie detail shot caught by Orlando Boudoir Photographer

What does a boudoir session look like at AJP Studio?

The Studio

When you come in for a session you’ll come to our studio in Sanford. Our studio is located inside the historic building of Venue 1902 at Preservation Hall. This brick building has been completely renovated inside; its touch of history and white walls inside our studio makes for the perfect blank canvas.

The old wooden floors create a warm feel and all the natural light is the formula for a gorgeous boudoir shoot! The atmosphere inside our studio is entirely feminine, soft, and relaxed meant to fulfill all our girl’s dreams of what a glamorous boudoir photoshoot should feel like. We also realize you’re halfway naked and do not put the AC on blast!

Inside we have a variety of props and items we can use. On one side we have a warm wall with wooden pallets for that shabby feel. On the other, we have the whitewashed wall for a cooler look that really allows us to play with an array of different themes and styles.

Some of our props include a moving bed with all white sheets for a classic in the bed shot, a taupe metal headboard, and vintage black suede headboard. We also have chairs, mirrors, and backdrops to change up looks as well! All of these props are intentional to create versatility in your gallery.  Our favorite piece inside the studio is our vintage tub! It really adds that wow factor to your shoot and what’s sexier than a bubble bath?!


While Getting Ready

Our all-girl team will welcome you with either a glass of champagne or any other type of refreshments! We’ll, of course, have your favorite tunes playing in the background while our beauty partners at Karmel Design Artistry doll you up in our wardrobe and makeup room. Once you are done getting beautified we’ll head over to our couches and decide what your outfits will be! Ashley will consult you on what looks best on certain body types and what outfits should be a focus. This part is always so fun because we get to know you better and all those questions get answered, helping you get relaxed and ready to get started!


The Photographer

Once, the consultation and makeup are done – it’s shooting time! Ashley will be the photographer and is THE master at making you feel right at home. To hear from her former clients click here. She will guide you on how to pose and where to go. She is quick, decisive, and doesn’t miss a beat on that quick glance that you may not even realize you made! If you at any point get a little tense (which happens throughout an hour or two session) she’ll loosen you right up. Probably some off the wall comments that will make you laugh or get a reaction out of you so she can snap away!

Ashley’s style is really to get raw moments that are unique to you. She’ll look for a natural laugh or sultry glance. While she’ll help you pose, her style is less posy and more about that natural beauty she’s determined on capturing! Before you know it, throughout the session you’ve relaxed and shed your inhibitions entirely. At the end of your session, our hope is that you felt empowered and more beautiful than ever.


Boudoir model in black lace and mesh teddy shot by Orlando Boudoir PhotographerBlack high waist corset and and lacy up heel wardrobe shot by Orlando Boudoir PhotographerBright and light studio with boudoir models shot by Orlando Boudoir PhotographerBoudoir model in lace and tulle robe and black background shot by Orlando Boudoir PhotographerFAQ Answered

What do I wear? We suggest some of the following; lingerie, bra + panty sets, try to bring a cute thong & boy short if you’re comfortable, veil if your a bride, off the shoulder shirts, oversized shirts, anything lace or sheer, tank tops, white button-up shirt, heels, and favorite pair of jeans.  Here are some Pinterest outfit ideas we put together and update weekly!

How long do the sessions last? The amount of time it takes to shoot is about an hour and a half. Hair and makeup can take about an hour and while we chit chat about poses and wardrobe your whole session could last three hours. If you want more time Ashley is always open to adding more!

How many outfits do I bring? We suggest bringing in around 5-8 different outfits and we’ll narrow it down from there. In an hour and a half, we probably won’t be shooting more than 3-4 outfits.

Can I bring suggestions on poses I want to try? Of course! We definitely want to get more of an understanding of what you are trying to accomplish. However, we do want to leave time in the session to roam free and get you to feel comfortable and not too posy.

Does Ashley help with posing? Yes! While her style is more relaxed, she will coach you throughout the session on how to elongate the body and what angles work best for you. She doesn’t second-guess herself and will be very decisive on where she wants you! Here is also some inspo for poses from our Pinterest!

Do I have to hire my own hair and makeup artist? Nope! We provide this service into your session courtesy of Karmel Design Team.

Should I get a wax before? Yes, but try and do this a few days before to allow time for your skin to heal and the redness to fade! Same with eyebrows and threading!

Should I get a mani-pedi? Please! There is only so much photoshop can do! Plus it makes you feel sexy from your head to your toes! As far as color choices try and keep your outfits in mind when choosing and if you have a variety of colors in your outfits picking a nude or soft pink is always chic.

Will my images be shared on social media or your website? Only if you give us permission! We’d love to use anything you are comfortable with as this helps us show future clients what we do! Some former clients have allowed images hiding their faces for instance. And we are always considerate of the more intimate shots, only sharing the most tasteful images. We are always very appreciative of the clients that work with us and let us know what they are comfortable with sharing and what they are not.

Do you photoshop the images? Yes, we absolutely photoshop. However, we are keen on staying on the natural side of things and protect the integrity of photography as a representation of real life and art. If you choose, we are always more than happy to add a little extra retouching if you desire.

How do you deliver the images? We offer viewing sessions in the studio and online to discuss how you’d like the gallery delivered. Viewing sessions are a favorite of ours because we get to connect with the client while assisting in choosing the perfect products for whatever your needs are! We offer an array of albums, keepsake boxes, canvases, and fine art prints for you to choose from.


Model in boho style gold robe and black teddy shot by Orlando Boudoir PhotographerBoudoir model in Patriots jersey shot by Orlando Boudoir PhotographerWhy should you schedule a Boudoir session?

There are SO many reasons so we’ll try and sum it up into three.

Number one: Do it for yourself. Yes, boudoir is typically intended to be a gift but try and put yourself first – you, of course, are going to be the one in front of the lens! Do it because you love yourself and are excited to see what you are capable of. Do it for your future self, so you can look back on it when the years pass and appreciate all that your body has been through and how truly beautiful you are!

Number two: It’s an unconventional gift. Sometimes we wrack our brains with what to get our special someone! A sexy boudoir calendar of you, an intimate photo book of you looking you’re absolute best, or a daring way to say I love you on your anniversary. It’s completely unique to you and your significant other will have nothing else but to say thank you!!

Number three: It’s a super fun bachelorette experience or birthday party with the ladies! There are so many trends out there for bachelorette parties and a group boudoir session is quickly on the rise! It’s such an awesome way to get your best girlfriends in a room to feel like a glamorous model for a day. Think about it, a few hours of getting professional hair and makeup done, while drinking rosé, and jamming out to your favorite songs is pretty much the best day ever. Whether you want a shot of your girls and you in your best pj’s having a pillow fight or each one of your girls getting a few sultry shots on their own, it’ll be the perfect way to bond with your best ladies!


Boudoir shots laying on the bed caught by Orlando Boudoir PhotographerBoudoir model having a glass of wine on the window sill of AJP Studio shot by Orlando Boudoir PhotographerWe hope you enjoyed this post and it encouraged you to give a boudoir session a try. If you want to learn more about pricing and want to give it a try click here. We’d love to have you come into our AJP Studio!


AJP Team

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