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We got so much great feedback from doing our last Q+A with Chanel that we decided we needed to do more.  What better way to know how a boudoir session actually feels than from the actual client <3. Thank you thank you, Joann, for taking the time to answer some of our questions!

Q + A with Boudoir Babe Joann


What was your reason for having a boudoir session?

 I decided to do a Boudoir photo shoot with Ashley to make myself feel sexy and to surprise my husband with some sexy pictures.


How did you feeling walking into the shoot were you nervous? Excited?

 I have done two photo shoots with Ashley.  My first time I was a little nervous but once I sat down and started getting my hair and makeup done and Ashley and I talked about different outfits to wear my nervousness went completely away and became so excited to start!


How did you feel while getting your hair and makeup done? Did you like the outcome? 

I LOVED getting my makeup and hair done. Before the makeup started we talked about what type of look was I going for whether something more natural or a night our look.  When they finished I looked amazing!


How did you feel when you first started shooting?

Before Ashley started we put on music that I liked and after seeing how great my makeup and hair looked I was so excited to start the photo shoot!  At first, I wasn’t sure if I would know what to do but Ashley was great giving me directions on where to look, give a big smile or little smirk.


During the progression of your shoot did you relax? Get more comfortable in poses? Tell us more!

After a couple of photos were taken, I was so relaxed and just having fun. Ashley makes you feel so comfortable. I hate my stomach area and had mentioned that to Ashley before we started so she would think of poses and angles that would make everything look more flattering.  I didn’t want the photo shoot to end.

I absolutely loved working with Ashley! I was all over her studio trying different poses near the window, her tub, on the floor, the bed, on a chair. Ashley would come up with an idea to try because of the way the light was coming in and I was willing and ready to try any pose she came up with.

Ashley also gives great feedback while taking the pictures. You feel like a supermodel at the most fun photo shoot ever!


How did you feel when you received the gallery of your images? Did you like the outcome? 

I couldn’t wait to see how the photos came out. Ashley was sweet enough to send me a tease of a couple of pictures. When I saw them I was so excited to see the rest of the photo shoot.
When I received all my pictures I was completely taken back how beautiful the pictures came out. The lighting, the softness, showing sexiness,  I was speechless because I couldn’t believe that was me I was looking at.

The hardest part was deciding which ones I wanted to use for the book I was going to surprise my husband with.


Would you do it again?

Would I do it again? In a heartbeat!!! In fact, I have done 2 photo shoots and I would and will be doing a third one.
I believe every woman should try doing it at least once no matter your size or shape.  Every woman deserves to be pampered and then let themselves go and have fun. Dress in something sexy or even just a tank top.   Get out there, ladies! Not just for your partner but for yourself!!
Hair + Makeup: Karmel Designteam
Boudoir black and white image of woman up against wood wall with cold shoulder shirt on and she is looking down. Shot by Orlando boudoir photographer.Two images the first is of a woman pressed with her back against a wood wall and she has her hand up in her hair, with a cold shoulder shirt on. The second image has the same woman sitting on the floor holding pearls with her eyes seductively looking down her body shot by Orlando boudoir photographer.Woman standing with lace robe over her shoulders with a super big happy smile on her face, shot by boudoir photographer in Orlando.Two images in both woman is wearing gorgeous lace robe. In one image she is standing untying the robe in the second image she has it draped around her shoulder. Images shot boudoir photographer in Orlando.Boudoir image of woman leaning over bed with white lace robe on and canopy in the foreground, shot at sanford Boudoir studio.Having fun at boudoir session with Lady Gaga pink hat. There is three images, one image woman is on her knees holding hat on her head, second image she is holding hate in front of her chest, third image she is sitting on chair relaxed with hands outstretched.Black and white image of woman laying on floor on her chest in black lace dress with hand in her hair shot by Orlando boudoir photographerTwo black and white images one image the woman is pressed up against the wall with her high heel hiked up on the wall. The second image is of the same woman sitting on a stool in a gorgeous black lace dress shot through a mirror by Orlando Boudoir PhotographerTwo images of woman in black lace dress laying on floor, shot by boudoir photographer in Orlando.
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